Become a Delegate:

By this Fall you will be able to purchase our basic beret or a red baseball cap and post on our monthly theme and tag us. Make some noise and we'll respost when possible. Store will be available soon. Every age accepted. This is unrelated to the ambassador section, and does not guarantee a direct line to become ambassador.

Become an Ambassador:

If interested, you will need to send us a short letter of recommendation from a parent and be sponsored (with words) by an existing ambassador. We will follow your social media for a few months. If we believe you are a good fit for our mission, and can be of influence to your generation with the Red Beret Values and Principles, we will contact you to invite you as ambassador. Once the position is offered and accepted, you will receive the ambassador beret. Ages 10-18. The position is active for 6 months. Some ambassadors will be invited to stay for longer. NOTE* Not all requests can be granted.

*We reserve the right to repost any delegate posts, if we think they are awesome!