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ROAR nice!

No - hiding someone's lunch is not funny, and not cool...








Based on our mission, many people aspire to become a Red Beret Ambassador to join our voices on kindness, antibullying, and how simple acts in everyday life can make us stronger.

An Ambassadorship is by invitation only, and must be endorsed by an existing ambassador. We typically follow prospects for a few months. If we consider this person a role model with an influencial voice, we offer ambassadorship. Every ambassador has six active months where they must join us on posting our monthly theme. After the six months, their name remains on our "Red Beret Alumni Wall". Some ambassadors may be invited by Directors to continue their active role, and stay for longer. 



1. Maintain integrity at all times. An alignment of thought, feeling, and action [mind, soul, action]. "What I believe in, is also the way I act." This includes their public image; it must remain in accordance with their age, as younger kids will look up to them. 

2. Respect for family and friends. Are you treating them the way you want to be treated?

3. Give a talk to younger kids about ways that one can have a positive influence over the people around them (how kindness is a strength). This could be lower grades in school, sports teams, camps, etc. Why younger kids? Because the earlier they learn how kindness is a stronger way of life, the better.

4. Post at least once a month about our monthly theme. Be creative, fresh ideas. Ambassadors post on their own instagram, we repost.

5. At the end of their six-month term, complete a self evaluation:

Evaluating oneself is a strength. Chill, you won't be graded! :) It's for introspect. We will know if you are being honest with yourself ;)

          Have I bullied or manipulated friends or family?

          Have I shown humility, yet maintained my inner strength?

          Have I maintained integrity (alignment between thoughts and actions)? 

          Have I been honest with myself?

We reserve the right to remove any Ambassador that has not followed these requirements.


Ambassador Requirements